We offer 4 levels or versions of our  programming daily: Rx, Competition, Performance and Fitness. Our classes are designed for you to get the most out of your hour here. In general there is a briefing, warm-up, strength or skill piece and a conditioning piece. 

We propose that anyone can come in off the street and do our Fitness version and they will walk out more fit. 

Performance is for those folks that want to start to see what their bodies are capable of and to push their limits. 

Competition is for those that have aspirations to compete in local and regional competitions. 

Rx'd or prescribed is written for the professional athlete competing at the highest levels. 

Some days you might come in and do the Rx version, other days you might come in and do the Fitness version. You might even mix and match. It all depends on your strengths, weaknesses, skills, how much you slept and how hard your training has been recently. 

The point is just show up! Ideally, we would like to see you build up to training 5 days a week. 



1 Superior Drive, Unit B
Superior, CO 80027

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