Hey there Oh Oh! 


Pete here with a BOGO offer from Coal Creek CrossFit and Impact Fitness. 


I was thinking over the holidays about what has really helped me be successful with anything significant, be it business or health and fitness. I think it is 2 things, 1) There was a coach involved and 2) I had a partner or workout buddy. 


We are going to try something we have never tried before and may never do again. 


Buy One Membership and Get another Membership for free for you to give to a Workout buddy. We are even going to let you take advantage of this from 1, 2, 3 or up to 6 months. 


At Coal Creek CrossFit and Impact Fitness we have veteran coaches for all of our classes: Boot Camps, Boxing, Yoga, Barre, Strength Classes, Personal Training, Mobility and Kinstretch classes, the list goes on!


We have childcare drop off for up to 2 hours! We have showers, a restaurant, a coffee shop, in house Physical Therapy and Massage...Everything you need to make this a lifestyle!


Use the link to buy a membership and then send me a text or an email with your buddy and to setup a time to tour the facility and to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals! Text 714.448.3006 or pete@myimpactsports.com



We are only offering this to 20 folks or until January 31st, whichever happens first. 


Some more fine print: 

This is for new members only. 

All new people to CrossFit must also go through our prep course, which we will also do BOGO if you and your partner do it together. The Prep Course is 2-3 private sessions for $50 per session.


Let's get you started with the rest of your amazing life now!